Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More About Our Toyota Camry Altise

In previous posts, I've discussed why I chose to buy a Toyota Camry Altise and why I chose the Altise version over the Sportivo. I've given away some information about the Toyota Camry Altise we ended up buying, but it hasn't been the focus yet. Today I intend to fill in the blanks.

The Camry we bought was a late 2003 model, the same shape that went through to 2006. The shape is far more stylish than previous models, which were pretty much the blandest car you could find. The front in particular looks great. I'm not so convinced by the rear, but it's not the worst I've ever seen. Side-on is fine, although as mentioned the rear could be better and somewhat spoils the lines of the car - for me at least.

This is one of the areas that the Sportivo does better than the Altise, with the rear spoiler adding a little something to the look of the rear of the car.

The colour is Blue Mystique, a very soft metallic blue, that almost looks green at times. I'm not a big fan of the colour, as I prefer stronger and darker colours. Still the car looks fairly impressive.

Although the car is four and a half years old, it's only done 47,000 kms, which is pretty good. We could have got a 2005 model but it had 100,000 kms on the clock. With second hand cars, mileage is one of the most important things to consider. The more it's been driven, the more likely it will have problems. Although, Toyota Camrys have a name for reliability of course.

It's manual - I hate automatic transmission.

It's pretty roomy - there's a lot of space in the back. No problem fitting five people in this car! The boot is large - plenty of room for the golf clubs, or suit cases. The Camry recently came to the rescue when another car (a hatchback) couldn't fit a load in the boot.

Well, that's about all for this post. In the next post, I'll talk about picking our Toyota Camry Altise up from the dealer.

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